Financial Entity: Interministerial Commission of Science and Technology(Cicyt)

Duration: December 2006-December 2009

Goals: Enterprise interoperability is one of the key factors for the improvement and acceleration of the European economy integration according to one of the strategic objectives of the European Union which considers the implementation of interoperability in European enterprises by the year 2010.

The present situation leads itself to the following conclusions: (1) the concept of enterprise interoperability is in its initial stage of development where it is viewed in a more basic and less applied way; (2) so far efforts to confront the problem have been principally focused on the domain of enterprise software applications and no other facets of the company such as business procedures, processes, human resources and know-how management have been taken into full account; (3) no practical methodologies have been designed for the implementation of an organisational system in a company in order to facilitate interoperability; (4) Neither financial, social, environmental aspects nor the viability, in general, of a project of this kind have ever been considered in order to demonstrate its positive performance for companies; and (5) there are no enough practical case uses, especially of SME’s.

So the objective of the proposed Project is to develop a framework composed by a formal methodology which will permit the implementation of the enterprise interoperability in a particular company, a set of reference models with best practices in enterprise interoperability, and a interoperability knowledge management system. In the project, different enterprises will participate.


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